Teeth Whitening in Enfield, Southgate and North London

No matter how robust your oral hygiene is, yellowing teeth are almost an inevitable side-effect of getting older, or of a busy lifestyle – and of course, if you smoke or drink heavily, you’re likely to experience considerable staining. If you have good oral hygiene but your teeth staining remains an issue, professional whitening at the dentist could be the solution. At Winchmore Hill Dental Practice, we offer Philips Zoom! whitening – a treatment that is carried out in the surgery in just one hour.

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

How does the Zoom! treatment work?

The whole treatment takes place in the dentist’s chair and is usually completed in an hour. Firstly your gums will be protected with a special substance, before the whitening agent is applied to your teeth. The dentist will then lower the Zoom! laser light over your teeth, which gently accelerates the whitening process. You will have four 15-minute sessions under the lamp, with more whitening agent applied each time.

How can I prolong the effects of my teeth whitening?

You can supplement your in-surgery treatment with a take-home Zoom! treatment. This consists of bespoke whitening trays (created in a lab using your dental impressions) and prescription bleaching gel, which you can use top up your teeth whitening in your own time. Your dentist will advise you about this during your initial consultation with us.

Can anyone have their teeth whitened?

No. When you book a tooth whitening consultation, you will undergo a thorough examination to check you are a suitable candidate. Whitening will not be effective if you smoke, and could harm your gums if you have poor oral hygiene. It is also not possible if you are pregnant.

Why have my teeth whitened at the dentist?

The dentist is your only option if you want your whitening to  be legal, safe and effective. Over-the-counter products contain a tiny fraction of the whitening agent a dentist can prescribe, while teeth whitening carried out by anyone who is not a GDC-registered practitioner is illegal, often containing dangerous levels of whitening agent, which can cause burns and permanent sensitivity. A dentist can not only prescribe the most effective concentration of whitening gel, but adjust your prescription so that you get the best possible results with the least discomfort.