At this time we can only carry out  telephone triaging for dental patients. We endeavour to answer the telephone during practice hours.
For any “physical treatment”, NHS England is in the process of setting up Urgent Dental Centres for the following Urgent and Dental Emergencies. In the first instance you have to call your dentist for triaging.
We are acting on government and NHS England advice (see below relevant excerpt from NHS England letter 31st March 2020)
Urgent care includes:
  • Dental and soft-tissue infections without a systemic effect
  • Severe dental and facial pain: that is, pain that cannot be controlled by the patient following
  • self-help advice
  • Fractured teeth or tooth with pulpal exposure
  • Dental emergencies include:
  • Trauma including facial/oral laceration and/or dentoalveolar injuries, for example avulsion of a permanent tooth
  • Oro-facial swelling that is significant and worsening
  • Post-extraction bleeding that the patient is not able to control with local measures
  • Dental conditions that have resulted in acute systemic illness or raised temperature as a
  • result of dental infection
  • Severe trismus
  • Oro-dental conditions that are likely to exacerbate systemic medical conditions
  • such as diabetes (that is lead to acute decompensation of medical conditions such as diabetes)
We appreciate that this will cause some inconvenience. These are difficult times for us all. Please keep well , be safe and be kind to all.